SmartStore Enterprise

The ultimate Omni-channel platform for enterprises


Built for profitability


Multi-store operations


Minimal integration needs


Modular and scalable


Cloud based cutting-edge technology

Key features

The most comprehensive omni-channel platform to run your retail business


Wow your customers with a superlative user experience

  • Fast loading, quick navigation and intuitive search
  • Personalized search results and Notify-me feature for out-of-stock products
  • Customers can select substitutes for their preferred products
  • Customers can reschedule orders and book returns on their own

Easily manage your catalogue using our Catalogue Management System

  • Capability to create complex product offers such as BOGO, product bundles and X% free with Y
  • Easy updation of catalogue using Catalogue App
  • Correction of inventory in a prioritized sequence using Inventory-checker App
  • Capturing and processing of photos in a prioritized sequence using Photo App

Run targeted marketing campaigns using our Campaigns Management Module

  • Customer segmentation based on multiple parameters
  • Offers engine to create complex offers and coupons
  • Communication engine to send rich content via App-notifications and E-mails
  • Insightful analytics for each aspect of marketing campaigns

Flawlessly manage orders using our Order Management System (OMS)

  • OMS console to view orders with their complete details
  • Pre-defined order statuses for each stage of order
  • Instant payment and refunds updates against each order
  • Detailed logs for each activity to trace back any errors

Efficiently process orders with our Operations Management System

  • Intelligent order sequence generator for optimal picking
  • Picking App that enables quick and error-free picking
  • System enables on-the-go reporting and correction of catalogue
  • Staff and asset management module to manage attendance and performance.

Optimally deliver orders with our Delivery Management System

  • Auto-routing that optimizes delivery sequence based on live-traffic
  • Delivery App to reach delivery address, collect cash and accept returns
  • Monitoring module for tracking trips and raise alarms in case of delays
  • Return module to capture product returns and process refunds

Reliably collect payments using our payment gateway solution

  • SSL Certificate for secure transactions
  • Failover support between multiple payment gateways
  • Advanced algorithms to dynamically decide the optimal payment gateway
  • Robust reporting and reconciliation

Delight your customers with our (CRM) Module

  • Unified interface to find all customer details including past e-mails and call recordings
  • Console to edit orders, change delivery slot, cancel orders, initiate refunds, etc.
  • Capability to send information via Email, SMS, and App-notification
  • Detailed monitoring of performance of each agent


Use these additional services to grow your business

Smart self-checkout App

  • Process more orders without increasing checkout counters
  • Customer’s app can scan the barcode by their camera
  • Online payment to avoid cash hassle
  • E-bill generation in the app, to be checked at security
  • Increase store throughput by quicker checkout for customers
  • Increase ABV by pushing targeted offers to the customers

Smart product locator

  • Help customers locate your product
  • 3 Dimensional planogram capability
  • Tablet kiosk for customers to locate products inside store
  • Capability of showing and managing promotions when Idle
  • Increase sales by enabling customers to find products
  • Avoid lost sales by getting alerts when shelf-stock is zero