SmartStore Features

Get a better understanding of all the amazing things SmartStore can do.

Hosting and security


Get free domain with free hosting when you sign up. You can move to your own domain immediately or at a later date.

SSL Certificate

Get free SSL certificate for your domain

Website design


Choose from our library of templates that suits your business and brand

Banners control

Upload banners on your own on your website

Page layout customization

Build your own layout by choosing and sequencing product layouts and slide shows.

Static pages

Create on your own beautiful static pages such as About us, Team, Mission, etc.

Blog page

Create a blog page on your website. Update content.

Website features

Search box

Search for products using advanced search functionality

Categories and sub-categories

Browse products by categories and sub-categories

Prices in local currency

Show your prices in currency of the user location


Screen-size responsive website

Your website will perfectly adjust to different screen-sizes

Android mobile-app

Get your own world-class mobile-app. All changes you make to your website will instantly reflect in the App too.

iOS mobile-app

Get your own world-class mobile-app. All changes you make to your website will instantly reflect in the App too.

Omni channel


Use in-built POS to generate bills and capture contact details of your walk-in customers



Enable delivery from multiple stores. Set for each store - stock, prices, discounts, delivery area and shipping charges.

Shipping rules management

Delivery area management

Set your delivery area by pincode or on map. Fix shipping charges.

Catalogue management

Catalogue update

Create or edit your catalogue - products, categories and brands

Catalogue update in bulk

Update products, variants, prices, discounts, tax rate using CSV file

Sell by brand

Set up brands in catalogue for selling branded products.

Items sold-by-weight

Start selling items that are loose and sold-by-weight such as fruits, vegetable, loose-grains, meat, metals, etc.

Product variant

Create product variants by color, size, weight, etc. Update photos, prices and discounts for each variant.

Multiple images for each variant

Upload different images for each product variant

Tax rate by product

Enter tax rate by product one-at-a-time or bulk upload

Product tags

Set tags to products. Use these tags to create unique product pages.

Product substitution

Set substitutes of products. Substitute product will be processed if the ordered product is out-of-stock.

Offers management

Discount at product level

Set discount rules at product level. Example X% off or Rs.Y off.

Discount at category level

Set discount rules at category level. Example X% off or Rs.Y off.

Discount coupons

Create discount coupons - X% off, Rs.Y off on a minimum order value, New customers, Payment mode, Day of week, etc.

Combo offers

Create offer such as Get X free with Y.

Extra product offers

Create offers such as BOGO - Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Get X% extra, etc.

Marketing campaigns

SMS creation and sending

Create and send promitional SMSs to your customers.

Email creation and sending

Create and send promitional e-mails to your customers.

App-notification creation and sending

Create and send app-notifications to your Android & iOS App users.


Custom SEO content

Write your own key-words for your pages and products that help you appear higher in Google searches.

Customer relationship management

Customer details management

Add or Edit customer details such as address, email-id and phone number

Customer purchase history

View all customers with their purchase history in one place

Import customers

Get new customers from other sources and import their details to send them marketing communications.

Live chat customer-support

Include live chat-support window in your website.

Payment management

ZopSmart's payment gateway

Simply use our payment gateway. It supports all major Credit cards, Debit cards, UPI and e-wallets.

Your payment gateway integration

Easily integrate your existing payment gateway

Paypal integration

Turn-on PayPal to start receiving international payments.

Order management

Order management

Get SMS notifications on important events such as order placement, cancellation, etc.

Order management

View all orders with their details such as customer name, ordering time, order status, order value, etc.

Operations management

Order processing management

Use this comprehensive module for picking, billing, packing of orders and monitoring & managing store staff.

Delivery operations management

Use this comprehensive module for route-planning, dispatching, monitoring and managing delivery staff & vehicles.

User management

Multi-user access

Create multiple login accounts for your staff.

Roles based access

Control access to functionalities of admin based on the role of user.

Inventory management

Stock management

Keep a track of your stock. Update stock of your products. Stock depletes with every sale.


Website traffic tracker

See detailed analysis of your website traffic by using Google's website traffic tracker.


30 day on-boarding support

Get free phone and email support from our e-commerce expert to help you set-up your store.

Email & Ticket support

Get all your issues resolved by our tech-support team through emails and filing tickets.